House of Hazards

House of Hazards

House Of Hazards is a fun skill-training game. Your goal is to leave the house as quickly as possible by avoiding hazards and obstacles. You will have to dodge the dangers inside and outside the house and pass the levels of the game to be the fastest escapee from the house. You will have to avoid obstacles such as falling lights and swinging cabinets to complete all your goals and win the round. You can be attacked by kitchen cabinet doors and toasters. Or, when you go to the garden to water the flowers, you may be attacked by a swing or a toy. In addition to these, unexpected dangers await you in other parts of the house. So get out of the house as soon as possible! Good luck!

How To Play House of Hazards

Use the following keys to play:

player 1:

  • WASD to move
  • W to jump
  • S to Crouch / Fire

player 2:

  • IJKL to move
  • I to jump
  • K to Crouch / Fire