KOGAMA Two Fort is a knockout shooting game. Your task in this game is to find yourself a gun and find ways to defeat your opponent. In the game, you will participate in an arena with some other players. They are looking for ways to destroy you. In order not to be destroyed by the opponent, you need to find yourself a gun, hide and use your skills to escape the opponent's attack and launch counterattacks to destroy the opponent. Last survivor and win this game. The arena in the game is designed with a sharp, realistic 3D configuration that gives you many new feelings. In addition, if you love shooting games, you can also join some similar games after Gun War Z2, 1v1.LOL Unblocked,... Have fun!

How To Play KOGAMA Two Fort

Use the following keys on the keyboard to control the character in the game:

  • Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move
  • Press spacebar to jump
  • Move the mouse to look around.
  • Press E to interact
  • Press K to respawn.
  • Press T/enter key to chat
  • Press Q for holster weapon
  • Press V to drop
  • Press M/ESC to Pause menu