Football Legends

Football Legends

If you are a football fan, do not ignore the game Football Legends. You can play in two different modes: single-player mode and two-player mode. There are three game modes, namely Quick Match, Tournament, and Friends mode. You can play all these modes in single-player mode and two-player multiplayer mode. Each football match will have a certain playing time. At the end of soccer time, whoever scores the most goals wins the match. Each character will have their own strengths and skills, so compete and win against strong opponents. Take control of the ball and score lots of goals against your opponents! How many goals will you score? Show us your playing skills. In addition, you can join some other interesting and similar football games, such as Football 3D, Real Football Challenge,...Have fun playing!

How To Play Football Legends

Use the following keys to control the character in the game:

Single Player Mode:

  • Use up, down, left, right arrow keys to Move/Jump/Slide
  • Press the X key to kick
  • Press the Z key to try the super kick.

Two player mode:

Player 1:

  • press the up, down, left, right arrow keys to Move/Jump/Slide
  • Press L to kick
  • Press K to try the super kick.

Player 2:

  • Press the WASD keys to Move/Jump/Slide
  • Press B to kick
  • Press V to make a masterpiece.